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No Healthcare without Mental Health (06:30pm start)

Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Starts: Tuesday 7th February 2017   Ends: Tuesday 7th February 2017

Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens, Belfast, BT9 5AB

As HSC workers and students we deal with patients with mental health issues daily. Do we ever think about our own mental wellbeing? How can we help others if we are not well ourselves?

NIHLF believe we need to look after ourselves and our colleagues to create a stronger NHS.

Come to our event to find out more about how we can de-stigmatise mental health illnesses, particularly of HSC students and staff.

Remember it's OK to not be OK

Registration from 18:30pm with a performance from Orbit Dance Company and information stalls from Artscare, Carecall, B-well, Cruse Bereavement and QUB Welfare.

This event will feature the following speakers:

Dr Michael McBride (Chief Medical Officer, Northern Ireland)

Dr Aidan Bannon (Doctor and Founder, Mind Your Mood)

Inspire (Former NI Association for Mental Health)

Jessica Elder (Nurse, QUB Welfare Officer)

Brendan McConaghy (Lead Physiotherapist Occupational Health, Bwell)

Dr Adam Dalby (Doctor and Service User)

Please note that all speakers, stands and performances are subject to change.

Levelling Out Leadership

NIHLF (6.15pm-8.30pm)

Starts: Monday 28th November 2016   Ends: Monday 28th November 2016

Canada Room, Lanyon Building, Queen's University Belfast

Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum's first event of the year, 'Levelling out leadership' is an evening focusing on teamwork within the healthcare setting and an interactive section on public speaking and interview skills. When? 28th November 2016: 6.15pm-8.30pm Do you want to develop your professional skills in a healthcare setting? Ever thought we can learn from other professional industries and specialists? Join the NIHLF and esteemed speakers Mr Niall Downey and Mr Barry Turley on 28 November to explore key leadership skills of quality assurance and public speaking. Mr Downey is both a surgeon and pilot. He will demonstrate how we can minimise mistakes in practice, learning from the aviation industry's safety culture, tools and knowledge, empowering students through his novel perspective with insights on how best to serve patients. Mr Turley will use his expertise to help develop our public speaking skills, fuelling our confidence to work collectively as equal leaders within our healthcare settings. The event is open to all healthcare and allied professionals - 6.15pm-8.30pm. Refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there! NIHLF

Students, The Future and The NHS

Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Date: Tuesday 10th February 2015

Great Hall, Lanyon Building, Queen's University Belfast, University Road, Belfast BT7 1NN United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what challenges you may encounter when you begin your career in the National Health Service? The Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum would like to welcome all Health and Social Care Students from Queen's University Belfast and the University of Ulster to, "The Good, The Bad and The NHS." This event will be led by a panel of speakers from a variety of backgrounds in the local NHS. Our aim is to provide you with an insight into why leadership attributes are fundamental to your future careers regardless of whether you wish to pursue a formal role. The panel will give you examples of how they have progressed through their careers in the NHS, discuss challenges they have faced and how they have overcome difficulty with applying the principles of good leadership. Panellists will also give you advice on how you can begin to apply these skills now as a student. You will have an opportunity to ask questions to our panel via direct questions or by sending us a tweet during the event. Our new website will be launched at the start of this event so you will be the first to check it out! We look forward to welcoming you!

Industry and the NHS

Seminar by Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Date: Tuesday 6th May 2014

Malone Lodge Hotel, Eglantine Ave, Belfast BT9 United Kingdom

No feedback was collected for this event

Reporting Bad Practice Across Professions

Seminar by Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Date: Monday 24th March 2014

Lecture Theatre 1, Medical Biology Centre, Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9

A great experience.

Transforming Your Care: Shaping Our Future?

Seminar by Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Date: Monday 21st October 2013

Malone Lodge Hotel, Eglantine Ave, Belfast BT9 United Kingdom

A great experience.

The Francis Report: Briefing and Discussion

Seminar by the Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Date: Wednesday 8th May 2013

Conference Room 1, Riddel Hall, Stranmillis Rd, Belfast, United Kingdom

• Good idea. Would be good to see more events about current medical issues like this. Question time very long – wrap up sooner or limit how many answers to each question • Question time was too long – maybe one answer per question? • Very good. Limit the amount of questions asked • All speakers delivered their talks and PowerPoints very well – professional, open and very interesting • Discussion was very interesting • Really interesting, thank you • Examples of leadership would have been useful, it almost became a buzz word more than anything else • Limit question time for God’s sake • Very useful • The panel discussion was interesting but time-keeping had to be kept in mind. I think the option of further questions being asked after allowing attendees to leave at 8:45pm if they wanted to leave. A minor point in an otherwise excellent event • There should be a ‘good option’ in question 1 • More vegetarian hot food options • Excellent event. Well organised. Current issue. Very informative • Very well organised • Very interesting and informative • This event has been an eye-opener through the Francis Report all of the speakers have delivered messages as good reminder to either current or future practices • Good, informative and thought provoking. More opportunities/promotion to students provided to attend these conferences • A very inspiring event • Very well organised • Informative and interesting • Went on too long at the end – too long for questions • Very professional, informative and well organised event • Well run, informative event • Excellent question session but should keep to time limit! • Very current and important topic, great way to involve students in issues affecting the NHS. Too long. • FAR too long. I found it very repetitive towards the end • Event could have been better promoted within the University • How does the Francis Report affect medical stud

Women in Leadership

Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Starts: Wednesday 20th February 2013   Ends: Wednesday 20th February 2013

Medical Biology Centre, Queen's University Belfast, Lisburn Road, Belfast

• I found the Deputy Medical Director of the Belfast trust extremely inspiring as her hectic lifestyle is one I feel that I can relate to and gives me confidence that there is a possibility of a lifestyle outside of the work place even with the demands of a career like Medicine. All speakers also showed how it takes drive and hard work to get where they are but that hard work is rewarding and that the love of your profession never fades. • Cathy Jack was great • All excellent speakers, and with a wide range of experiences of being women in a leadership role. • They all were inspiring and spoke really well • Very good, very interesting • I felt that the last speaker Paula Bradley should have had something prepared • Yes very inspirational • It is a shame the Secretary of UNISON could not attend in the end but this did not take away from the excellent presentations delivered by each speaker. Each was informative and insightful in their own way and there were humorous bits scattered throughout. My attention did not falter for a moment

Leadership: What Is It?

Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum

Starts: Wednesday 7th November 2012   Ends: Wednesday 7th November 2012

Lecture Theatre 1, Medical Biology Centre, Queen's University Belfast, Lisburn Road, Belfast

No feedback was obtained from this event