Associated Organisations

Associated Organisations

Welcome to our associated organisations page!

Here we feature organisations with whom we have a mutual relationship.


We would like to show our thanks to the associated organisations for supporting the NIHLF and would encourage you to explore their sites below.




Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry: 


‘The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Northern Ireland (ABPI NI) is a membership organisation representing 90 research-based global pharmaceutical companies. 37 of our members have a presence in NI and directly employ over 3000 people, many of whom originally qualified as healthcare professionals. Our members contribute 10% of the £388 million invested in R&D by all businesses in Northern Ireland annually, and we are extremely proud of the fact that our industry invents, develops, manufactures and provides more than 90% of the prescription medicines used by Health and Social Care every day.

ABPI NI shares NIHLF's goal of promoting leadership and management within the NHS, and the belief  that partnership working produces better outcomes than working apart to achieve the same aims. We are delighted to support the Forum  in developing the health and social care leaders of the future and in strengthening  links between industry and emerging healthcare leaders in multiple professions in Northern Ireland.’


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