About Us

The Northern Ireland Healthcare Leadership Forum (NIHLF) is a student society founded in 2012 in order to promote excellence in leadership and management in health and social care in Northern Ireland. The Forum provides a website, experience network and events exploring the leadership and service delivery challenges affecting the National Health Service in Northern Ireland. The NIHLF aims to inspire all of those going into healthcare provision to take a role in leading service change and improvement, whether or not they wish to be employed in a formal management role in the future.


The founding principle of the NIHLF is that healthcare professionals in all disciplines are well placed to make decisions about the systems through which healthcare is delivered. The NIHLF is therefore a multi-disciplinary society, intended to appeal to individuals from all healthcare disciplines; from nurses to doctors, physiotherapists to dentists and social workers to pharmacists. Our Constitution requires that there is representation of a variety of different healthcare professions on the Committee so that all professions have a voice in our activities.


An important feature of the society is that emphasis is placed on ‘healthcare’ leadership as opposed to the more myopic term of ‘medical’ leadership. This is to demonstrate the part that nursing staff, pharmacists, dentists and other allied healthcare professionals can play in shaping services for the benefit of patients and we hope that they will feel that they are able to partake in the Forum at all levels in order to make it as multi-disciplinary a forum as possible.


Mark Dornan Nursing Representative